We’re now hiring general laborers for the upcoming roofing season!
Read through the job description and requirements before filling out an application via the application link below.

Job responsibilities for general laborers include:
– Cover bushes and yards with tarps
– Remove old shingles from roof
– Clean work areas and equipment
– Receive measurements to cut wood/shingles/underlayment’s
– Provide a constant flow of materials to the applicator
– Wear harnesses for safety
– Climb ladders typically 1-2 stories tall

Job Requirements:
– A valid Driver’s License is required
– Must have basic math, problem solving, and active listening skills

Other Important/Relevant Job Information:

  • Compensation is determined on a case by case basis, but typically starts at $15 dollars an hour with a pay adjustment after the first month followed by annual raises.
  • Weather is always a major factor in this industry (we can’t work in the rain), therefore there will be occasional days off/half days due to the weather, with our make-up days typically being on Saturday.
    Note: days off due to the rain are unpaid.
  • This is a full-time position, with plenty of over-time available (any hours after 40, or any hours logged on a Sunday, are paid at time and a half)