Services: Roof Replacement

Pre-existing Shingle Removal

Before we start removing your old roof, we’ll protect your yard by draping tarps and covering/relocating anything that could be damaged by falling debris. After your old roof has been removed, we’ll make sure your property was exactly as we found it by transporting all traces of debris to the Johnston Landfill.

Roof Deck Inspection/Repairs

Once your roof has been stripped clean, we’ll replace any wood that displays signs of damage, rot, or mold due to wear and tear over the years, or improper installations from the previous builders. Afterwards, we’ll give your roof deck a fresh set of nails to make sure the wood is secure and ready to withstand the test of time.

New Roof Installation

After your roof deck has been prepared, we’ll get to work on the best and final stage of the process, the installation of your new roof! First, we’ll install 8-inch drip edge on all rakes and eaves, followed by 6-feet of ice shield up all eaves and valleys, and then a vapor-barrier synthetic underlayment over the remaining surfaces of your roof deck. After all of these underlayments have been installed, we’ll begin installing your new shingles in accordance to the manufacturer’s specifications, so that we can ensure the integrity of your manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

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